Rani Jarkas – Know What Financial Advisory Services Are

Financial advisory is a delicate coalesce that covers several aspects in professional financial services. Nowadays, it plays a key role in the global financial industry. It not only provides clients with strategies and risk-based solutions to help them across all industries worldwide meet the challenges posed by unexpected events and stay ahead of the competition, but also facilitates and stabilizes the financial market operation as well as development.


Financial Advisory Services team can include a variety of professionals, including certified public accountants, chartered accountants, attorneys, certified fraud examiners, valuation experts, certified appraisers, and project managers, who altogether ensure the clients have the sufficient financial solutions for their financial goals and the healthy development of the overall financial market.


Mr. Rani Jarkas is a highly experienced and accomplished financial services executive, with over 23 years of international financial services experience. Currently, Mr. Jarkas is the Chairman and CEO of Cedrus Group, a global boutique investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, specializing in Asset Management, Financial Advisory Services and Private Wealth Management.


As an global boutique investment firm with successful tracking-record in facilitating the development of dozens of small-to-mid-cap companies with significant upside potential,  Cedrus’ Financial Advisory Services offer a full suite of complimentary services to its clients and enhance their corporate value and accelerate growth through:

  • Raising Capital for companies from Cedrus diverse pool of top-tier institutional investors from around the globe;
  • Increasing a company’s visibility with appropriate investors;
  • Diversifying client’s shareholder bases;
  • Developing custom research coverage;
  • And providing access to global business partners.


Rani Jarkas and his team are committed to provide state-of-art financial advisory services to clients around the globe and contribute to the development of the international financial market. Cedrus continually develop its services to meet the needs of today’s quickly evolving market dynamics and clients’ ever-evolving financial goals for success.