Rani Jarkas – How Financial Planning is Important for Future

For individuals, financial planning is a way to reach your financial goals. In other words, financial planning aims at your future financial status based on the present. It draws a clear path between the current situation and your future financial goal, and that is why financial planning is important for future.


Financial planning is closely linked to your financial future. Whether you want to buy a big house, save for college education, or plan for a world trip, financial planning could help you achieve your goal.


Financial planning provides measurability. Establishing a plan empowers you to check in periodically and see how you’re doing. It also gives you the ability to protect what you cherish most in life, taking into consideration a wide range of possibilities.


Creating a financial plan is one way you can help lower life stress so you can focus on what matters most. It brings not only financial benefits, but also a sense of safety in a way that your future is secured through a well-made plan that could lead to your anticipated financial future.


Cedrus Investments is as such a financial planner that can provide customized financial planning to its clients. It is a global boutique investment banking firm founded by Rani Jarkas over seventeen years ago, specializing in asset management and financial advisory services.


Cedrus’ private wealth management offers private investors sophisticated and comprehensive Wealth Management Advisory Services and Asset Management Solutions. Cedrus services include offering clients access to top-tier investment products in the global marketplace, providing total portfolio management, developing customized asset allocations and making investment decisions based on unbiased, analytical research.


Cedrus utilizes a state-of-the-art, open-architecture platform and some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the marketplace. Cedrus’ platform offers clients various advantages including global access, single account & multiple currencies, optimal execution, anonymous order execution and transparency.