Rani Jarkas – Functional Practices of a Financial Planner

Financial planning, as one of the important components of professional financial services, helps to understand one’s current financial status and create a proper long-term monetary goal with strategies to achieve such goals like increasing the capital, generating interests, etc. Sometimes a financial planner may even be able to manage one’s assets in order to achieve these goals.


Money management is important for individuals to live through unexpected situations, gain interests, protect one’s assets or achieve short-term or long-term financial goals. A financial planner is someone who makes all these possible and feasible based on his/her expertise and experience.


In practice, a qualified financial plannercan provide afull objective prospective, and bring expertise to decisions about how one should invest the money, what the financial priorities should be and what sort of insurance coverage and other protections one needs. A financial planner can be especially helpful when one is faced with a life change, which may shift the financial needs in a substantial way.


Mr. Rani Jarkas, a sophisticated financial planner with more than two decades solid experiences, founded Cedrus Group Investments over 18 years ago. Cedrus Groupis a global boutique investment banking firm providing financial planning services to top-tier clients around the globe.


With its well-stationed global offices and diligent management team as well as local staff, Cedrus is able to meet the needs of its diverse international client base.


Cedrus’ private wealth management offers private investors sophisticated and comprehensive Wealth Management Advisory Services and Asset Management Solutions. Cedrus services include offering clients access to top-tier investment products in the global marketplace, providing total portfolio management, developing customized asset allocations and making investment decisions based on unbiased, analytical research.


Cedrus utilizes a state-of-the-art, open-architecture platform and some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the marketplace. Cedrus’platform offers clients various advantages including global access, single account & multiple currencies, optimal execution, anonymous order execution and transparency.