Rani Jarkas – Finding the Efficient and Altruistic Financial Planner

In a boarder sense, anyone who helps to organize your finances so that you can achieve your financial goal step by step could be called a financial planner. However, they may differ greatly in terms of efficiency and altruism.


An efficient and altruistic financial planner will project things with his/her knowledge and expertise, while some may not act that professionally. One of the reasons is that the charging scheme of a financial planner varies.Some financial planners will gain interest through commissions from the financial products they sell,therefore, their goal may become selling as many products as possible instead of maximizing the clients interests or meeting their needs. Such action is neither efficient nor altruistic.


Still, there are many more professional financial planners who are able to strategize your money wisely. The key is that you shall find the financial planner who is both efficient and altruistic, who understands your needs and is able to come up with the most efficient advice or guidance to help achieve your goal.


Mr. Rani Jarkas is a highly experienced and accomplished financial services executive, with over 23 years of international financial planning experience. Currently, Mr. Jarkas is the Chairman of Cedrus Investments, a global boutique investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong, specializing in Asset Management, Financial Advisory Services and Private Wealth Management.


With the leadership of Mr. Jarkas, Cedrus Investments is relentlessly committed to provide clients with solutions that enable them to meet their financial goals through its state-of-art open-architecture platform, first-class business partners, extensive international experience and connections, including offering all its clients access to institutional-caliber products in the global market place, best-of-breed investment products, securities, bonds and commodities on exchanges abroad in local currencies, customized global asset allocations, anonymous order execution, transparency and optimal execution.