Rani Jarkas – Finding Capable Financial Advisor to Deliver the Best Results

What qualities define a capable financial advisors? Generallyspeaking,an excellent and capable financial advisor should be able to represent the interests of his/her client apart from being well-educatedand credentialed withsolidexperience.


First and foremost, a capable financial advisor must have relative license to provide the advices and guidance to the clients. The license may vary from country to country, but it shall all demonstrate that the holder has passed the necessary educations and is ready to serve the clients with his/her expertise and professionalism.


Then the second thing that matters will be the financial advisor’s past experience and track records. Financial market conditions and practices will not always follow what is instructed by books, thus a goodfinancial advisor must be equipped with profound experience to be able to deal with the ever-changing market and the varied financial status and demands of different clients.


Rani Jarkas, the founder of Cedrus Group, is a highly experienced and accomplished financial services executive, with over 23 years of international banking experience.


Prior to founding Cedrus investments , Rani Jarkas had held senior-level asset management positions at some of the world’s leading investment firms, including JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and CIBC Oppenheimer.


During his tenure at CIBC, he was the Executive Director – Investments, a member of the exclusive Chairman’s Council and consistently ranked among the top-25 Portfolio Managers managing money for pension funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. At Merrill Lynch, he was repeatedly ranked as one of the top Senior Financial Advisors for the firm. Mr. Jarkas’ clients are sophisticated investors, including corporations (public and private), pension funds and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe. During his tenure at JP Morgan Chase, Mr. Jarkas was a member of the executive corporate strategy team that took multiple Silicon Valley-based technology and Biotechnology companies public.