Rani Jarkas – Essential Ways to Find a Comprehensive Financial Plan

When is the perfect timing to have a financial plan? The answer is: any time you want. A financial plan could be as simple as controlling your budget. While it could also be as comprehensive as covering all financial facets of your life, including investments, insurance, budgeting, interest accruement, tax planning, etc.


A comprehensive financial plan may be variant in terms of constituents. Today I am not here to define this term, which is still a little bit early; but will share with you a few essential ways to find a comprehensive financial plan.


First and the foremost, a comprehensive financial plan requires the detailed and thorough understanding of all facets of your financial situation. The reason is that each of the many aspects of your financial situation depend upon and affect each other, all working together will help to create a strong financial outlook. Owning to the complexion of this first step alone, my practical advice is that you find a highly professional financial planner or advisor before we get down to the actual planning process.


After full understanding of your current financial situation with your financial planner or advisor, the next step is to discuss about your long-term financial goals. And based on that, you will then be able to find a comprehensive financial plan that includes all financial products needed to take you from where you are today to where you need to be in the future.


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