Rani Jarkas – Do You Really Need A Financial Advisor

Traditionally, the typical clientele of financial advisory services includes high-net-worth individual, family office, state funds, pension funds, etc. However, thanks to the fast development of modern society that accelerates the fortune accumulation of general public, as well as the popularity of the internet, the concept of wealth management has become a common term that could be found in various scenes.  


Therefore, the way of how a financial advisor serve the clients has been broadened to keep pace with the quick evolution of the sector. The job content of a financial advisor may remain the same, which is to meet the financial goals of the client through various financial means, but the general public will be a great potential client pool where the financial advisory sector finds its next growth engine.


For the general public, you can seek professional help from a financial advisor whether you want to save for a grand project or simply wish to increase your interest revenue. A professional financial advisor would help you save and allocate your money much wisely, and even help you with risk management. And with the wide-spread of the internet, you can access a financial advisor at any time through your phone.


Cedrus Investments, a global boutique investment firm founded by Mr. Rani Jarkas over eighteen years ago, is your trusted partner to help drive strategic change. For individual clients, Cedrus’ Private Wealth Management offers sophisticated and comprehensive wealth management services to select high-net-worth individuals and their families around the world. Cedrus’ focus and expertise are prudently managing clients’ investments and helping them achieve their objectives, helping its select clients with access to traditional investment products, alternative investments as well as timely, strategic and innovative proprietary investment solutions.


Cedrus’ investment is a new breed of firm that has developed a powerful presence in global investment management. The firm’s edge over other financial institutions is its relentless commitment to providing clients with solutions that enable them to meet their goals.


Cedrus’ management team has collectively over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The team members have distinguished backgrounds, ranging from top-performing financial advisors and portfolio managers to experts in technology, life sciences, macro and micro economics, securities law and regulatory compliance.


Cedrus also has an independent, strategic board of advisors who participate in making key decisions at the firm. Members of the advisory board include thought leaders in business, finance, academia and international banking regulation from around the globe.