Rani Jarkas – A Complete Guide to Financial Advisory

The financial advisory landscape may be quite different from even what it is a decade ago. Here is a guide to the new-era financial advisory.


First of all, before you seek any professional advice or help from a financial advisory, you could already gain access to all financial and market news and reports 24/7 for all the information you need, including the latest investment trends, the risks, the return-profile, etc. You could in advance establish your personal values based on your political or social beliefs, which, for example, may shape your investment preferences for more technique-oriented products.


Therefore, besides the financial and market data, what you could take from your financial advisor has been extended for more additional values. You could discuss with your financial advisory service provider about your overall financial health instead of focusing on the quarter or annual performance of your chosen portfolio. You could picture your financial goals from a higher level beyond short-term return-and-risk profile.


Also, you may carefully examine your existing investment strategy to see if it aligns with your personal values. You may always keep it mind that you could be a well-informed client thanks to the fast development of modern technologies that offers access to all information, which means that you are always entitled to challenge your financial advisory services provider for better and more suitable result.


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