CNBC interview – The opportunities for mining in the Belt and Road initiative

Nancy: We talked so much about the Belt and Road Initiative, the real huge infrastructure opportunity, what does it mean for the energy and commodities space? What do you tell people when you are advertising when it comes to this specific investment opportunity?

Rani: Nancy, thank you for having me. I think we all know about the old Silk Road from the 14th Century, with massive economic trading between China, Central Asia and Mediterranean, for example the Phoenicians. Now thanks to China for restructuring this Belt and Road, a massive economic undertaking that will be spanning over Southeast Asia, China, Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and down to the Mediterranean, covering about 68 countries worldwide, and with a budget and anticipated spending about US$5 trillion on infrastructures such as railways, mining, power plants, water plants and other areas which can benefit people and the growth of economy. So we are very bullish and very upbeat about this initiative.

Nancy: Rani, specifically where though? Because when we talk about the commodities demand that we will be required when we are pushing through huge infrastructure plan? Where do you see the biggest demand coming from?

Rani: I think at the moment now we are in the initial phase, so basically the steel industry will benefit dramatically from this, and the mining sector, which includes iron ores, metallurgical coal, and other areas to make steel. So I think that this will be one of the biggest beneficiaries at this stage. And then of course Phase II will be other metals that will benefit and other industries, as Belt and Road Initiative picks up steam with investors and of course with countries too that want to participate.