Cedrus Investments Signed Cooperation Agreement With Sinopharm Nutraceuticals Industrial (Shanghai) On 16th November 2018

SHANGHAI, 2nd January 2019 – Cedrus Investments (“Cedrus”), a global boutique investment firm, signed a cooperation agreement with Sinopharm Nutraceuticals Industrial (Shanghai) (“Sinopharm Nutraceuticals”) on 16th November 2018 in Shanghai for the exploration and execution of investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries by leveraging each other’s strengths and resources.

Under this agreement, Cedrus brings access to proprietary deal flow from around the globe, deep technical expertise in the biopharmaceutical industry, diverse international business experience, and the capability to structuring and executing transactions – acquisitions and licensing-rights deals.

Due to our relationships, expertise and network in the life sciences industry, Cedrus has access to companies with cutting-edge technologies worldwide, including those in Europe, Australia and North America. Cedrus through its acquisitions of some China intellectual property rights, will jointly develop these overseas ingenious technologies with Sinopharm Nutraceuticals, aiming to bring the innovative technologies selected by Cedrus and Sinopharm Nutraceuticals to the Chinese market to address the medical needs for patients in China.

Sinopharm Nutraceuticals is an independent member of the Sinopharm Group, which is also one of its minority shareholders. The firm invests in new technologies and new medical care business models. For overseas investments, the firm aims to invest in new healthcare technologies and bring them to China. Under this agreement, Sinopharm Nutraceuticals brings valuable on the ground experience, including strong capabilities in integrating a variety of resources, including sales and distribution to hospitals.

Both companies are committed to helping build the life sciences industry in China by introducing innovative therapies and technologies that meet the significant unmet needs of the Chinese population in a cost-effective and efficient manner.