Cedrus Investments by Rani Jarkas: Flexible and tailored to Fit to Your financial Needs

Cedrus Investments is a global boutique investment firm founded by Mr. Rani Jarkas more than 18 years ago, specializing in Asset Management, Financial Advisory Services and Private Wealth Management.

Cedrus’ Private Wealth Management offers sophisticated and comprehensive wealth management services to select high-net-worth individuals and their families around the world, offering sophisticated and comprehensive Wealth Management Advisory Services and Asset Management Solutions.

Cedrus’ focus and expertise are prudently managing our clients’ investments and helping them achieve their objectives. We provide services including offering clients access to top-tier investment products in the global marketplace (both traditional investment products and alternative investments) as well as timely, strategic and innovative proprietary investment solutions, developing customized asset allocations and making investment decisions based on unbiased, analytical research.

Cedrus’ edge over other financial institutions is its relentless commitment to providing clients with the most innovative investment services and solutions, enabling them to meet their investment goals. Being an independent boutique investment firm, enables us to be agile, nimble and innovative, with the flexibility to work with leading platform and service providers worldwide, utilizing a state-of-the-art, open-architecture platform and some of the most cutting-edge technologies in the marketplace, in order to offer clients global access to advisory services, anonymous order execution, transparency and optimal execution.

In addition, Cedrus’ local operating teams are seasoned and well-connected. They are tasked with bringing unique value to local investors as well as identifying the most promising investment opportunities in their respective regions for Cedrus’ diverse international client base.

All in all, Cedrus has the structure, tools, network and motivation to offer clients ‘true’ global services, including global investment products, seamless execution and valuable introductions.