Rani Jarkas Financial Services – Why Every Organization Need Financial Services

Financial services sector is one of the most important and influential sectors that make up our economy. According to the definition of International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a broad sense, financial services are the processes by which consumers or businesses acquire financial goods. In other words, financial services are an indispensable part of daily activities for both individuals and organizations.


For organizations that deal with more complicated and comprehensive businesses, financial services will be key to the smooth running of an organization in any form. And it is most of the time more economical to engage with professional financial services providers to offer their expertise, which leads to the prosperity of this sector where we see large conglomerates as well as a diverse range of smaller companies.


Financial services providers facilitate its clients in terms of money management. They strive to maximize the returns and interests through various professional tools and instruments. For example, a financial advisor will help its client to manage assets and offer advice. Usually the advisor does not directly provide investments or any other product, rather, they facilitate the movement of funds between different entities.


Cedrus Investments is a global boutique investment banking firm founded by Rani Jarkas over seventeen years ago, specializing in asset management and financial advisory services. Its clientele comprises of family offices, corporations, institutions, state-owned enterprises, high-net-worth individuals, etc.


Cedrus’ commitment has always been to explore the most exciting development and investment opportunities that not only represent the state-of-the-art technologies in the fields including life sciences, innovation and high-tech but also are expected to create considerable values for investors and companies alike.


Cedrus has more than two decades of experiences investing in emerging growth-oriented companies and promising projects around the globe, and identifying the potentially most-rewarding investment opportunities based on the expansion of our experience, expertise and global network through continued involvement.