Financial Services Executive Rani Jarkas – Support to Growing Companies

In thefast growing global business worldnowadays, managing a business is more complex and challenging than everbefore.In today’s business environment, organizations that delay their response or ignore the need to transform risk slow growth and lost competitive advantage, or worse.


There are several common problems facing these fast-growing companies.Making changes in one small area can make a huge positive difference overall.


For example, financing is usually a major issue. Small businesses are easily strapped for cash. Also, the over concentration of the shareholder base may also lead to dilemma during the growth path of the company


Led by the highly experienced financial services executive Mr. Rani Jarkas, Cedrus Investments is a global boutique investment firm, specialized in Financial Advisory Services, Private Wealth Managementand Asset Management, which can provide solid support to fast growing companies globally.


Cedrusoffer a full suite of complimentary services to its clients and enhance their corporate value through:

  • Raising Capital for companies from Cedrus diverse pool of top-tier institutional investors from around the globe;
  • Increasing a company’s visibility with appropriate investors;
  • Diversifying client’s shareholder bases;
  • Developing custom research coverage;
  • And providing access to global business partners.


With Cedrus’ help, you can create and execute strategies in order to move faster, operate more efficiently, and expand into new markets. You’ll be able to focus on management and the need to be put in place systems to sustain your company’s growth.Cedrus can help you unlock valuable business insight.


Cedrus Finance Services professionals will help you capitalize on opportunities that will help grow, improve and protect your business. Cedrus also adopts the methodology and delivery to suit your specific circumstances.


Cedrus continually develop its services to meet the needs of today’s quickly evolving market dynamics and your ever-evolving financial goals for success.